How to Run Microsoft Money on a Mac

Updated July 20, 2017

Did you recently get a Mac, but miss Microsoft Money? Unfortunately, there aren't any easy solutions for getting Microsoft Money to run on the Mac. The virtual desktop program "Parallels" creates a virtual desktop -- think of it as Windows within a window -- but costs extra, while Boot Camp allows users to boot into either the Mac OS or Windows and comes with newer Mac OS installation CDs.

Browse to the Parallels website (see "Resources"). Hover the mouse over "Products" and click "Desktop Virtualization."

Check the products listed. Either the Parallels Desktop Switch to Mac Edition or the Parallels Desktop for Mac will work.

Purchase and install the Parallels Desktop. Run the Parallels Desktop from /Applications/Parallels Desktop.

Select "New Windows Installation" and insert the Windows Installation disc. Choose "Express Installation," if possible, as this will install Windows and the Parallels Tools with minimum interaction.

Choose the level of integration. "Like a Mac" allows more sharing between the operating systems.

Click "Create."

Install the Parallels Tools after the installation.

Start the Parallels Desktop. From the virtual machines list, click the "Start" button next to the Windows installation. Start Microsoft Money in the Windows window as desired.

Open the Boot Camp Assistant in /Applications/Utilities on an administrator account and follow the prompts. Select the hard drive to use, set the size for the Windows partition, then click "Partition."

Insert the Windows Installation disc in the drive and click "Start the Windows Installer." The computer will restart with the Windows CD and show an installation menu.

Select the "BootCamp" partition to install Windows on. Be careful to choose the right partition; otherwise, the computer may overwrite the Mac OS.

Format the partition with the Windows Installer. If you want to move files from the Mac to the Windows partitions, select "FAT32." FAT32 partitions are limited to 32 GB and to Windows XP installations. Follow the Windows set-up after formatting.

Remove the Windows disc and reinsert the Mac OS CD to install the Mac drivers. Click "setup.exe" on the disc if installation doesn't automatically start. Follow the prompts to finish the installation.

Whenever you boot into Windows, run Microsoft Money as you like.

Things You'll Need

  • Mac OS Installation CD
  • Windows Installation CD
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