How to Make a 60th Birthday Special

Updated February 21, 2017

If you have someone special in your life that is turning the big 6-0, you should make it a special day for the birthday star. The celebration does not have to cost you a fortune; many ideas will fit any budget, but will nonetheless show the person you care. After all, a 60th birthday only happens once.

Host a birthday party. Invite a small group of immediate family and close friends, or go all out and invite distant friends and family as well. A 60th birthday is an opportune time to bring together the friends and family that the guest of honour may not see often. Consider making the party a surprise for a special touch. Purchase or create some of the honoree's favourite foods and a birthday cake. Complete the party with decorations such as photos of the honoree over the years, music and dancing.

Give a gift that includes an activity you can do together such as a day at the spa or a golf course. Take the special 60-year-old out to lunch or dinner, or cook up her favourite meal. Spending time with the honoree will show her that you care and will make the day memorable.

Make a scrapbook of memories of past birthdays and special events. If possible, gather old pictures, birthday cards or news clippings from the honoree's past. Include a special 60th birthday card on the last page of the scrapbook, or leave additional pages to add all the cards the honoree receives for this birthday. Share the scrapbook over birthday cake.

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