How to Keep Sheets Snug on Adjustable Beds

Adjustable beds have the ability to incline to different angles, which allows an owner to recline while sleeping, instead of lying flat. The beds come in numerous sizes, according to Double Up for Beds, and sheets for your adjustable bed should be selected according to size. Even with the proper-size sheets on your adjustable bed, though, you can still have some issues with the sheets slipping during incline. A few solutions can keep the sheets snug on adjustable beds.

Take measurements of your adjustable bed. Measure the width, height and thickness of the bed. When taking the thickness measurement, Double Up for Beds recommends placing a flat object, such as a piece of wood, between the adjustable mattress and box spring and another on top of the mattress so they are parallel and then measuring the distance between those objects, instead of measuring the mattress directly.

Order sheets made specifically for adjustable beds. While many adjustable beds can be fitted with standard bed sheets, the sheets do not have the necessary give to allow the bed to adjust and will pull out of place when the bed inclines. The sheets for adjustable beds are made to allow the bed to adjust without slipping.

Get sheets with wings to ensure the sheets stay snug effortlessly. Make the bed with the sheets with wings, and tuck the wings on the sheets all the way under the bed. When the bed moves, the weight of the bed clamps the wings in place, keeping the sheets snug.

Add anchor bands to the bottom of the fitted sheet. Anchor bands can be added to any adjustable bed sheets that do not have wings. Attach the anchor bands at each corner of the sheet, so the bands stretch across the corner and hold the two adjacent sides in place. Anchor bands help keep the sheets snug, but may still allow sheets to slip some on the sides when adjusted.

Get split sheets for beds on which each side adjusts independently. Split sheets fit most of the bed as normal, but slip separately over the two adjustable top parts of the bed. They allow one side to go up, while the other side remains lower, without the sheets slipping.

Things You'll Need

  • Measuring tape
  • Two flat wood pieces
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