How to fix damaged hair from straightening

Updated March 23, 2017

The only true method to fix damaged hair is to cut it. However, you can add moisture to the hair shaft with an at-home deep conditioning treatment. Hair becomes damaged from excessive straightening, whether it is from a straightening iron or chemical treatment applied to the hair. This damage manifests itself in the form of dry and brittle hair which can lead to breakage, dullness and fly-away hair. Although you could go to the salon for a deep conditioning, you can also do a similar treatment yourself and achieve the same results.

Shampoo your hair with a clarifying shampoo to remove chemical build-up. Rinse it thoroughly under cool water. Towel dry your hair.

Apply a quarter-sized dollop of professional deep conditioner to the ends of your hair and work it through. Continue applying the conditioner until the hair has been covered from the roots to the ends. Comb it through.

Heat a clean, thick towel in the dryer for 10 minutes. Place your hair inside a plastic shower cap. Wrap the hot towel around the plastic cap. Set a timer for 20 minutes.

Remove the towel once the timer goes off. Rinse the conditioner from your hair under cool water. Towel-dry and comb your hair.

Keep blow dryers, curling irons, hair straighteners and chemical processes to a minimum. Deep condition hair weekly. Schedule monthly haircuts to remove damaged ends gradually.


On hot summer days, comb the conditioner into your hair, sit outside and let the heat of the sun absorb into your hair. Substitute the deep conditioner for a gel and wear your hair all day in an updo.

Things You'll Need

  • Professional clarifying shampoo
  • Professional deep conditioning treatment
  • Comb
  • 2 towels
  • Shower cap
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