How to Make French Beaded Calla Lilies

French beaded flowers have been decorating European homes and churches for centuries. The technique involves the use of round glass seed beads and fine galvanised wire, and is similar to weaving. The graceful, circular form of a calla lily adapts well to this beading technique, and a vase of these beautiful lilies will add sparkle and elegance to a room. A single flower could also be wired to a safety pin as a brooch or a hair clip as a hair ornament.

Cut a 3-foot length of wire with the wire cutters.

Thread one pink bead through the wire, positioning the bead in the centre of the wire. Pass one end of the wire through the bead hole a second time, securing the bead in the centre of the wire.

Thread three pink beads on one end of the wire. Push the beads to the centre bead. Pass the opposite length of wire through the three bead holes to create a second row of beads directly under the first bead.

Continue to create additional rows of pink beads with the same method, adding two more beads to the amount strung on each row, until you have 21 beads in the row.

Decrease the size of the bead rows by two beads until you have one bead, creating a diamond shape with the rows.

Cut a 6-inch length of wire. Thread eight green beads onto the wire, and then six yellow beads. Bend the wire, creating a loop with the yellow beads that will be the stamen tip. Pass the remaining length of wire from the loop through the green beads a second time to create a calla lily stamen stem. Twist the wire's ends together. Repeat to create three stamens.

Place the stamens in the centre of the lily diamond. Wrap the diamond around the stamens vertically to create the circular calla lily shape, bending the top diamond tip to the outside of the calla lily shape.

Gather all of the wires connected to the diamond and stamens and wrap them together with the floral tape to complete the French beaded calla lily.

Things You'll Need

  • Hank of 3mm pink round seed beads
  • 18 3mm yellow round seed beads
  • 24 3mm green round seed beads
  • 30-gauge galvanised wire
  • Wire cutters
  • Floral tape
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