How to make Chinese knot bracelets


As part of a vast array of Chinese knots, the Chinese snake knot symbolises good fortune. The snake is the guardian of treasure and riches, and the person who wears a bracelet of Chinese snake knots should receive good fortune, according to Chinese tradition.

When you are first learning to make the Chinese snake knot, use two different coloured strands. This helps you see what you are doing. You can make your first set of practice knots into a bracelet, then continue to make more as gifts.

Place the ends of two 90 cm (36 inch) strands of macrame cord under the clip on a clipboard. This is to keep the cords in place and make them easier to work with. Place the red one on the left and the blue one on the right, so they are in a vertical position.

Pass the blue cord under the red one, then loop it over on top of the red one, about four inches from the end. The cord will cross over itself and point down in a vertical direction. The shape of the blue cord should resemble a fish. The loop is the head, and the rest is the tails.

Hold the red cord and bring it horizontal across the lower tail, up under the upper tail. Loop it under the upper loop of the fish's head, and out through the loop. Bring it over the top of the fish's head, but under the other strand of red loop. This is one knot. Tighten the knot by pulling on the ends of cord .

Hold the blue cord and put the end under the red cord. Loop the blue cord around in a clockwise motion, and tuck it into the loop that was formed by the red cord.

Release the clip on the clipboard and turn the cords over. Clip them in place. Now the red colour is on the right and the blue is on the left.

Repeat the looping procedures until you have made a strand long enough for your wrist. Make sure it will be able to slip on over your hand. Tie a knot at the end to bring both ends together in a circle for a bracelet, and cut off any excess cord.