How to Send Yourself Free Personalized Audio Wake Up Calls

Updated March 23, 2017

A number of services are available for getting automated telephone wake-up calls. Most of these services are offered throughout the United States, and anybody with a cell phone can use them. You can use custom voices for daily wake-up calls. Though service activation will require a paid subscription, limited free trials are available. Wakerupper lets you send 10 free personalised audio wake-up calls while Wake Up Land lets you send free calls for a week. A service called iPing lets you send free 30 calls during a month-long trial.

Go to the website Wakerupper (see Resources).

Click "Create Account."

Enter a user name, password, phone number, e-mail address, timezone, security code and more details required for creating your account. Once you're done, go to the main page of the website.

Fill out the form for getting free personalised audio wake up calls. Specify the time at which you want to wake up. Also, enter your phone number and enter the personalised message in the message box. This message will be included in your reminder call.

Enter the security letters, and click "I accept, schedule my call."

Go to the website iPing (see Resources).

Click "Sign Up" and enter the required information such as user name, password, phone number, e-mail address, zip code, country and timezone.

Go to the home page after signing up and schedule your free wake up call. Enter the message you want to be included in the call and specify the time at which you want to be phoned. Confirm the time and message, and enter the security code on the page. Then have a good night's sleep.

Go to the website Wake up Land (see Resources).

Click "Sign Up" and enter your user name, password, e-mail address and other required details.

Go to the main page of the website and specify when you want to be woken up. Enter the exact time along with your phone number. Also, type the message that is to be included in the wake-up call.

Confirm the entered information.

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