How to become a black beauty model

Updated March 23, 2017

The prevalence of black beauty models in the modelling industry has happened over a short period of time; perhaps the first well-known African American model, Vanessa Williams, was crowned Miss America in 1984. Other internationally known black models include Tyra Banks, Naomi Campbell and Selita Ebanks. Many world-class companies celebrate the beauty of black men and women by incorporating African American models into their advertising campaigns. Becoming a black beauty model takes hard work, research and perseverance.

Visit websites, read industry magazines and talk with representatives for modelling agencies in your area. Researching the modelling market to identify potential entry points remains a vital step in becoming a model. You may want to target modelling agencies specialising in promoting black models or models of different ethnic backgrounds, or choose to venture into traditional modelling agencies that work with models of all different backgrounds.

Rehearse potential interview questions, talk with models represented by the agency and research the agency's past prior to meeting for an interview. Try to learn if the agency you're interviewing with has worked with black beauty models before; they may be able to link you with photographers, make-up artists or hairstylists familiar with the nuances of preparing African American models for photo shoots. Some models choose to enrol in modelling classes at this point to learn basic modelling and marketing skills.

Build your modelling portfolio. Agencies review modelling portfolios as a resume, so include standout shots that exemplify a broad range of beauty modelling skills. Go for quality over quantity; a sampling of shots showcasing the beauty of your skin, eyes, hair and body coupled with demonstrated modelling expertise will impress modelling agency panels. Include photos that spotlight your assets, whether it's physical strength, rich skin tones, exuberantly healthy hair or warm, expressive eyes.

Sign up for social networking sites to meet movers and shakers in the modelling industry. You'll connect with other black modelling professionals to learn more about the industry, but you'll also build a fan base as you post photographs and updates from your career.


Black beauty models, and all models, must be vigilant about physical upkeep to beat out competition when trying to land jobs. Take extra care to protect your skin from dryness or sun damage, maintain a healthy diet and stay physically fit with regular exercise. Develop relationships with professionals known for working with black beauty models; they'll help you shine in photo shoots, fashion shows and ad filming. Expert knowledge of cosmetics specially designed for black models can transform appearances.


Don't blindly sign the first contract that comes your way; beauty models can lose important rights, money privileges or other benefits by signing unread contracts containing unacceptable stipulations. Read the fine print closely and, if possible, ask a professional to review its contents before signing.

Things You'll Need

  • Beauty magazines
  • Internet access
  • Photography portfolio
  • Social networking accounts
  • Industry contacts
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