How to locate post office box addresses

Written by herman cruz | 13/05/2017
How to locate post office box addresses
Locating post office box addresses is a task you can accomplish quickly. (air mail image by Charles Taylor from

Also known as P.O. Boxes, post office boxes are storage units where users can securely receive mail. This service is provided by the U.S Postal service as a way to receive mail if you don't have a physical address, or simply want to increase your privacy by using the post office box address instead of your own. If you are looking for a holder's P.O. Box address, the USPS will not disclose this information unless you have a legal reason for seeking it. However, you can locate postal office box addresses through P.O. Box search websites.

Visit the Black Book Online website to find postal box addresses (see Resources). Black Book Online is a free service that enables you to perform a wide variety of free public searches, including address searches on P.O. Boxes. When using the P.O. Box Locator service provided by Black Book Online, you must have the P.O. Box number and Postcode. You can also enter the city and state, if you know it.

Navigate to the Infosearch site and use its service to find P.O. Box addresses (see Resources). Infosearch is a Web service that enables users to access private professional investigators to perform search services such as reverse phone number lookup, background checks, Social Security searches and business information searches, as well as searches for addresses of P.O Box numbers. To use Iinfosearch to perform a P.O. Box search, you must supply the name, city, Postcode and post office box number, plus a £64 fee (as of December 2010). According to the site, the turnaround on your search is typically three to seven business days. If no address is found, you get a full refund.

Go to the Integra Scan website and find the physical address of a P.O. Box by using its search database (see Resources). Integra Scan is an online search service used by government agencies, schools, employers and private citizens. Searches available include background checks, instant criminal records and phone searches, as well as free P.O. Box searches. To find the physical address of a P.O. Box with Integra Scan, you will need to provide the P.O. Box number, its city and state, plus the first and last name of the P.O. Box holder.

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