DIY Touchscreen Jukebox

Having all of your music in an MP3 library might seem accessible enough, but you still have to turn on your computer and load up the right program to listen to your favourite tunes. If you make your own jukebox with a touchscreen, you'll be able to play music in your home with ease. With just the touch of your fingertips, you can select the songs you want to hear, kick back and enjoy.

Place the compact computer on the podium shelf. Make sure the computer's air vents are not blocked or it will overheat. Cut venting holes if needed in the podium.

Attach two L-shaped brackets on either side of the podium, screwing them in place tight. Mount the satellite speakers. Face them in the direction the audience will be located. Plug the speakers into the computer. Place the subwoofer under or on the floor panel of the podium.

Place the touchscreen monitor on the top of the podium. The top of a podium is at a angle so you will want to hold it in place. Draw a light outline of the touchscreen with a pencil.

Mount the LCD wall mount to the top of the podium using the touchscreen outline to get the best spot. Screw tightly into place. Drill a hole in the centre of the podium for the touchscreen cables to run through. Mount the touchscreen to the wall mount. Drop the cords down through the hole. Plug the touchscreen into the computer.

Start the computer up. Temporarily plug a keyboard and mouse into the computer to set up the software. Install an MP3 program, if not already on the computer. Install the touchscreen drivers and software following the included manual. Import your music CDs or MP3s. This may take some time. Restart the computer and remove the keyboard and mouse.

Use the touchscreen to start up the MP3 program. Play some songs and adjust the speaker volume. Move the podium to the location you wish.

Things You'll Need

  • Podium with a shelf built in
  • L shaped brackets
  • Touchscreen LCD monitor
  • Compact computer
  • MP3 program
  • Computer speakers
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