How to Reset Kodak Inkjet Chips

Written by joanne cichetti | 13/05/2017
How to Reset Kodak Inkjet Chips
(Dynamic Graphics Group/Dynamic Graphics Group/Getty Images)

Upon refilling a Kodak printer, you will have to reset its smart chip. You do this to disable the low-ink messages that are usually displayed because the smart chip fails to detect the refilled level of ink in the cartridge. Resetting a Kodak inkjet chip is a simple task you can do using a chip resetter, which you can buy at a printer or office-supplies store or online.

Purchase a chip resetter for your Kodak Inkjet printer.

Take the cartridge out of the printer.

Press the chip resetter against the cartridge chip while holding the cartridge upside down.

Press and hold the small button on the Kodak chip resetter for a few seconds. The cartridge will then be reset showing a full level of ink once again.

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