How to store royal icing flowers

Royal icing contains meringue powder. The icing dries with a hard finish, which makes it ideal for creating cake decorations, such as flowers. You can make a wide variety of royal icing flowers, such as daisies, roses and carnations. The flowers are made with cake decorating tools, such as piping bags and tips. Once you make the royal icing flowers, they need to dry completely before you store them. The royal icing flowers will last for a long time, so you can make them before you even make your cake.

Allow the royal icing flowers to dry completely on waxed paper at room temperature. Place them in a cool and dry location for best results. It may take up to 24 hours for the flowers to harden completely.

Store the royal icing flowers in an airtight container. Separate layers of them with sheets of waxed paper.

Store the airtight container in a dark and dry location at room temperature away from humidity, such as in a kitchen cabinet. The flowers will last indefinitely in a location free of humidity (and, thus, condensation).


If you cannot avoid humidity, use only pure icing sugar to make the decorations, add 1 tsp extra of meringue powder and reduce the liquid by 1 tsp in the royal icing recipe.


Do not store royal icing flower decorations in the freezer or refrigerator, because this can add moisture to the flowers and ruin them. Always place royal icing flower decorations on a cake after it has thawed completely at room temperature to prevent the colours from bleeding due to condensation.

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