How to repair a torn motorcycle seat

Motorcycle seats can become torn due to wear and tear, or from accidents, which can lead to a less comfortable ride. Motorcycles you purchase second-hand can sometimes come with tears or scratches on the seat as well. You can use adhesives and foams made for such repairs to glue injured seats back together, along with vinyl patches. And heavy-duty tape such as duct tape works well in emergency repair situations.

Cut the material around the rip or tear to create a proportioned square, rectangle or circle shape. Measure and cut your vinyl patch so it will fit what is now a hole in the seat correctly.

Place the patch in the hole and smooth the patch so it is even with the rest of the seat. Take care not to rip the seat further when tucking the patch in the hole.

Lift the edges around the hole in the seat and apply adhesive all the way around. Press the edges down on the vinyl patch and allow to dry for 24 hours. Keep the seat out of direct heat or sunlight, which will melt the adhesive.

Clean the area around the tear if necessary with a clean cloth, then apply adhesive from your motorcycle repair kit to the edges of the tear. Press the edges together and remove any excess adhesive with a clean cloth. Motorcycle repair kits are available online on various shopping sites and in motorcycle shops.

Place the heating film from your repair kit over the tear. Iron the film for eight to 10 seconds.

Remove the film and allow to cool for one to two minutes.


If a rip or tear gets so bad it can no longer be repaired, you can replace your motorcycle seat by removing the staples from the damaged seat cover with a stapler remover or a tack puller. Measure the length and width of the foam padding to replace it if necessary. Fit any new padding to the seat and purchase a new seat cover, which can be installed on your motorcycle with a heavy-duty stapler. Duct tape can be used in an emergency. Tape both sides of the rip/tear if possible to stop any further damage. Purchasing seat covers is a way to hide bad rips and tears in seats.

Things You'll Need

  • Vinyl patch
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Adhesive
  • Motorcycle repair kit
  • Clean cloth
  • Iron
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