How to Send a Free Text on an O2

Updated February 21, 2017

O2 is the top cell phone provider in Europe. According to the O2 website, the company, which is located in England, has 40 million customers throughout Europe. England itself has 18.4 million O2 customers. O2 provides the ability for customers to register and send free text messages. A registered customer obtains an e-mail account that allows him to send free texts. The email account must be linked to the phone's text-messaging system to provide a convenient and free service.

Log on to the Internet and go to the O2 website to register for the free texting service. The entire registration process can be completed online by entering the necessary cell phone account information, such as name, billing address and cell phone number. Review the benefits of free texting registration for O2 cell phone users, including access to the O2 bill, signup for an O2 money card, the ability to keep contact information online, and access to a free online calendar.

Receive the email address that is assigned by O2. The email address will always be the entire cell phone number followed by "" Once the user registers a cell phone and obtains the necessary e-mail address, free text messages can be sent from the email account to another cell phone.

Enter the cell phone number that the text is being sent to, followed by "" into the "To:" field of the email. Include the title and information in the email format that will be sent as a text. Push "Send" once you complete the text.


When sending free texts from an O2 e-mail address, remember that there is a limit to the number of words that can be sent and processed by the receiving cell phone. The O2 word count limit for text messages sent through e-mail is 328.


According to the Text Me Free website, users who sign up for the O2 free texting with cell phones from other providers are allowed 10 free texts. After the 10th text, each additional text costs 5 pence (5 cents).

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