Easiest Way to Put on a Leather Steering Wheel Cover

Updated April 07, 2017

Steering wheel covers are a great way to spruce up an old car by disguising a worn out steering wheel or adding a colourful accent to your dashboard. Many steering wheels become cracked or sticky after many years of use, so a steering wheel cover can really improve the general appearance of your vehicle. Leather steering wheel covers often require you to lace the cover to your steering wheel, so check that your steering wheel cover comes with a needle and lacing thread before you buy.

Measure the diameter of your steering wheel and make sure the cover you intend to use is the appropriate size. A steering wheel cover that's too small will be difficult to get on and one that's too large won't fit correctly.

Clean the steering wheel with isopropyl alcohol and a rag. The steering wheel should be clean and dry before you begin installing the steering wheel cover.

Center the steering wheel.

Remove the steering wheel cover from the packaging, and check the instructions for positioning information. Position the steering wheel cover appropriately over the wheel of the car.

Fold back the front of the steering wheel cover, and mould it around the steering wheel. Remove any adhesive backings, and locate the holes for threading.

Thread your needle with lacing thread and begin to lace at the point indicated by the instructions. Continue to lace all around the diameter of the steering wheel cover, pulling your thread taut with each stitch.

Finish lacing around the entirety of the steering wheel cover and pull your thread taut. Tie two knots in the end of the thread, trim off any excess, and hide the knots inside the steering wheel cover.

Things You'll Need

  • Steering wheel cover
  • Measuring tape
  • Lacing string
  • Needle
  • Isopropyl alcohol
  • Rag
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