How to Replace the CD Tuner in a Ford Focus 6006

Updated April 17, 2017

The 6006 CD tuner in a Ford Focus is a six-disc CD changer that allows you to listen to up to six compact discs in succession without changing a CD. If your CD tuner jams, short circuits or otherwise malfunctions, you'll likely want to replace it, as the cost of repairing the 6006 often far exceeds the purchase price of a higher-quality CD changer. If you have a Ford Focus equipped with a 6006 CD Tuner and you possess basic auto-repair skills, you can replace the CD tuner within 15 minutes.

Slide the two radio removal tools into the slots on the side of the 6006 CD Tuner. You can purchase Ford radio removal tool sets at most professional automotive tool vendors or professional auto parts stores.

Pull the closed ends of both radio removal tools out toward the sides of the Ford Focus. While still pulling to the sides, slide the 6006 CD Changer out of the dashboard, toward the rear of the Focus, with the radio removal tools.

Disconnect the antenna wiring and stereo wiring harness from the back of the 6006 CD Tuner by hand. Remove the radio tools from the old 6006 CD Tuner, and set it aside.

Hold the new 6006 CD Tuner next to the opening in the dashboard. Plug the antenna wiring and stereo wiring harness into the back of the new 6006 CD Tuner by hand.

Slide the new 6006 CD Tuner into the dashboard until it clicks into place.

Things You'll Need

  • Two Ford radio removal tools
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