How to fluff up furniture dents in a carpet

Updated February 21, 2017

You move the furniture around in your room only to discover small impressions in your carpet left by table or chair legs. Picking at the threads does little to coax the carpet back into place. When carpet is compressed over a long period of time, the fibres require moisture to expand and lift the threads. With the proper procedures you can remove those small dimples.

Moisten a hand towel and lay it over the dent in the carpet.

Heat an iron to the cotton setting. Glide the iron gently over the hand towel for 30 seconds to a minute. Allow the hand towel to dry completely on the carpet.

Remove the hand towel and fluff the carpet with your hand.

Place an ice cube inside the dent in the carpet. Allow the ice cube to melt entirely.

Blot the moisture from the carpet with paper towels. Do not push on the carpet to remove the liquid; dab gently, removing the moisture.

Fluff the dent in the carpet with the edge of a quarter. Brush the dented area with your hand to restore the pile.

Things You'll Need

  • Hand towel
  • Iron
  • Ice cubes
  • Paper towels
  • Quarter
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