How to get sticky stuff out of carpet

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Keeping your carpet clean can be a challenge, especially if you entertain often or have young children living in the home. If any sticky substances are spilt on the carpet, it's important to know how to effectively remove the stains in order to preserve the look and life of your home carpeting.

Put on rubber gloves.

Mix the cleaning product of your choice with water per the product instructions in a bucket. Choose products specifically created for lifting sticky stains from carpet; look for products with ethanol alcohol to remove stubborn stains. You can purchase these products at discount department and home improvement stores. If you can apply the product without adding water, simply put it on the carpet stain.

Dip the washcloth into the cleaning solution and wring it out over the carpet stain.

Use your gloved hands to work the cleaning solution mixture into the carpet to treat the stain. Keep the solution on the carpet fibres only; if it gets too deep into the carpet and touches the strong glue that holds the carpet together, that section of the carpet could fall apart.

Rub the stain with the washcloth, after lifting it with your fingers, until the stain residue is gone.

Mix the mild soap and water in another bucket.

Dip another washcloth into the soapy water.

Use the washcloth to gently scrub the place on the carpet where the stain was to remove the cleaning solution that helped lift the stain.

Allow the carpet to dry completely.

Vacuum the carpet after it dries so that the fibres will return to their regular texture.

Place an ice cube on the sticky stain; continue applying ice cubes until the stain hardens.

Scrape the stain off the carpet with a butter knife.

Spray the area with a spray specially formulated to remove gum or candle wax from furniture. This should be available at a discount department store.

Wipe the are with a dry cloth.

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