How to Hang a Pulley Clothesline

Updated April 17, 2017

A pulley clothesline is device that employs two single pulleys connected by a tied line. You can easily hang your washed or wet clothes from the line using clips and let them dry naturally. Clotheslines are a great way to reduce electricity costs and preserve the fibres in your clothes. You just need to install the clothesline, and in a few minutes you will be ready to hang and dry your laundry in the fresh air.

Drive a screw hook into one side of the installation point. Insert the screw 2 feet above where you want the pulley to hang.

Install the second hook into the second installation point. Make sure the hooks are even with each other so the pulley hangs straight.

Slip the bracket on one of the pulleys over one of the hooks. Hang the other pulley from the second hook.

Hold the clothesline horizontally under the pulleys and feed one end behind and over the left side pulley. One end of the line should be on top of the pulley and the other should be on the bottom.

Pass the upper line through the upper arm of the separator and the lower line through the lower arm. Push the separator out of the way against the pulley

Bring the upper line down and behind the right pulley so both ends are on the bottom.

Slip the right end of the line through the line tightener. Make sure the line passes through the hole in the centre of the bolt in the tightener.

Make a loop at the right end of the line and secure it with a clothesline pin. Lock the pin with its nut to keep the loop from releasing.

Pass the left end of the line through the loop at the right end. Pull the left around to form a loop and secure it with the other clothesline pin.

Twist the nut in the tightener to remove any sag in the lines. Don't make the lines too tight or they might snap.


You can buy a clothesline kit, which will include all of the hardware you need. The line should avoid any obstructions like trees, electricity lines and sheds.


Do not leave untreated metal pulleys out in the rain or snow, or they will rust.

Things You'll Need

  • 2 screw hooks
  • 2 clothesline pulleys
  • Clothesline
  • Clothesline separator
  • Line tightener
  • Clothesline pins with nuts
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