How Can I Change the Default Icons on My Harmony 1100 Remote?

Updated February 21, 2017

The default icons on the LED screen on your Harmony 1100 universal remote say "Watch a Movie" and "Watch TV." These icons control various components in your home theatre, like a television or a Blu-ray disc player. If you want to change the wording of these default icons, you can do so using the Harmony universal remote software that came on a CD-ROM packed in with the remote itself.

Connect your Harmony 1100 universal remote control to your computer using the included USB cable. This will allow your remote to be recognised as a device by the Windows operating system.

Click "Start."

Click "All Programs."

Click "Logitech."

Click on the icon for your Logitech universal remote software to open the program window on screen. Click the "Activities" tab at the top of the screen. Click the "Change Buttons" option under the activity you want to change. Select the new button icon assignment from the list of options on screen. Click "Update Remote" in the upper-right corner of your remote software to change the default icons on your Harmony 1100 universal remote.

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