How to Check the Shutter Actuation Count on a Nikon D70S

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Shutter actuation is essentially an odometer for digital cameras. It is a number that the camera keeps internally that counts how many times the shutter is activated for any reason since the camera was built. Shutters can activate to take a picture, adjust white balance or any other sort of diagnostic. Knowing the shutter actuation count can come in handy for servicing your camera or just keeping an eye on its usage.

Connect the Nikon D70S to your computer and it will automatically import any new pictures. If you've already imported the newest photos you've taken with your camera, you can skip this step, as you only need access to the very last photo taken.

Open Adobe Photoshop and under the "File" menu choose "Open" and navigate to the last photo you took with your camera, which should now reside on your computer.

Go under the "File" menu and click on "File Info."

Click the option that reads "Advanced" along the left-hand side of the window.

Expand the fourth item in the list that appears in the window. This item should look like a website URL.

Find the property labelled "aux:ImageNumber" in this expanded list. This is the camera's current shutter actuation.

Connect your Nikon camera to your computer and allow it to import the last photo you took with the camera.

Open Photo Extractor and along the menu bar at the top select the option that reads "Shutter Count."

Click the "Load Image" button in the window that loads and a new window will appear.

Find and open the last image taken on the camera that was previously imported onto the computer. Doing so will automatically make the shutter actuation number appear in the window.

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