Salton Espresso Maker Instructions

Updated February 21, 2017

Salton is a company that makes gourmet kitchen appliances, such as the Salton espresso maker. These machines are basic, but they allow users to make espresso, cappuccino and lattes. The Salton espresso maker has a place to heat the water and a place to froth milk, if wanted. Most of the machines are set up to make one cup of espresso at a time.

Plug the Salton espresso maker into an outlet. Open the water tank's lid and fill it with fresh water. Close the lid on the water tank.

Place a coffee cup under the coffee spout. Turn the switch on the front of the machine to the coffee cup icon. Wait for the light to turn green.

Place 2 to 4 tbsp of ground coffee into the coffee filter. Allow the coffee to brew and fill the cup. Turn the switch to the neutral position.

Turn the temperature switch to "Froth/Steam." Place the froth attachment over the steam nozzle. Wait for the light to turn green.

Fill the frothing pitcher with 1/3 to 1/2 cup cold milk and hold it up to the froth attachment. Move the froth pitcher up and down to get the right froth consistency. Add the amount of froth and steamed milk you would like to your espresso.

Things You'll Need

  • Coffee grounds
  • Milk
  • Coffee cup
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