How to Open a Four Digit Master Lock

Updated February 21, 2017

Most people are familiar with the three digit dial-type Master combination locks, but the company also makes four digit combination locks. While the classic version comes with one preset combination, you have the option of changing the four digit combination to your own personal code, which might be easier for you to remember.

Rotate all the dials on the lock several times.

Turn the first dial, the dial closest to the left side, until the first letter or number in the combination aligns with the mark on the side of the lock.

Turn the second dial to the second letter or number in the combination, so that it aligns with the digit you selected in the previous step.

Turn the third dial to the third digit in the combination.

Turn the fourth dial, the dial closest to the right or on the bottom, to the fourth digit. You should now have a straight line of four letters or numbers.

Pull out the lock's shackle.


If you haven't yet set your own combination, try using "0000" or "P-L-A-Y." These are two common factory preset combinations used by Master lock.

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