How to Change an Epson RX500 Ink Cartridge

Updated February 21, 2017

Epson has designed the Stylus Photo RX500 All-in-One Printer to cease printing if any of its six ink cartridges -- black, cyan, magenta, yellow, light cyan or light magenta -- has emptied. Knowing the correct method for changing these cartridges is extremely important for the successful completion of your print jobs.

Turn on your Epson Stylus Photo RX500 All-in-One Printer.

Select one of two control panel options depending on the type of cartridge you're replacing -- low ink or empty. If you're replacing a low ink cartridge, push the "Setup" key, then push the unmarked key located at the upper-left corner of the display until your see "Replace Ink Press the Color" on the display, then push the "Color" button. If you're replacing an empty cartridge, simply push the "Color" button once.

Lift the scanner to access the ink cartridges on the right side.

Flip up the cartridge cover and then remove the low ink or empty cartridge by pressing in on the tab at the back of the cartridge and then pulling the cartridge straight up and out of its slot. Set the cartridge aside for disposal.

Pick up the new replacement ink cartridge in its wrapper and shake it side-to-side five times. Remove the cartridge from its wrapper without touching the green electrical contact board.

Insert the cartridge -- label pointing up -- into the empty slot, until you hear or feel it lock into the slot.

Replace any other cartridges as needed. Flip the cartridge cover back into its original position and press down until it locks in place. Lower the scanner back into its original position.

Wait approximately 30 seconds or until you no longer see "Charging" on the display, for the ink to charge. When the printer finishes charging the ink, send print jobs to the printer as desired.


Epson recommends using only new Epson ink cartridges compatible with the RX500. Refilled cartridges, or other brand cartridges, may damage your printer. Epson doesn't provide repair or replacement warranty coverage if this happens.

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