How to Find a Stolen TomTom

Updated April 17, 2017

TomTom GPS tracking systems have allowed drivers in every major city and many small cities and rural locations to navigate without fear of getting lost. There are many varieties of GPS systems that can be found in most smartphones. Some are even standard features in newly manufactured automobiles. The irony of auto GPS systems are that they are often difficult and sometimes impossible to locate once lost or stolen. This irony exists because positioning systems like the TomTom must transmit tracking information to third party servers in addition to transmitting positioning information to the device. TomToms are not built with this capability, making it especially difficult if not impossible to locate a lost or stolen device.

Check to see if the device is in operation. TomTom navigation will not track stolen or lost devices because the devices themselves do not transmit tracking information. They can, however, tell you if a device is currently in use, which may help you figure out whether you should continue to look for it or not. You will need the serial number when you call customer service.

Check any local pawn shops or consignment stores. They may have unknowingly purchased your stolen TomTom and may try to resell it. Before it changes hands again, you may be able to track it down if you've placed any distinguishing marks on it or recorded the serial number before it was stolen.

Check to see if any have been turned in at the local police station. Often, when electronics are part of a larger scale theft operation that has been discovered, police will hold all items in an evidence locker. Visit the police station and ask if they have received any GPS systems. Offer the serial number or any other distinguishing information that might help them identify your stolen device.


Take the device with you when exiting your car to decrease the likelihood of someone spying it and breaking a window to steal it. Record all distinguishing information, including serial number and model number, before using the device.

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  • TomTom GPS device
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