How to get free stamps for collecting

Updated July 19, 2017

Stamp collecting can be a fun and rewarding hobby. Some stamps can even grow in value as they become more rare and harder to find. Nowadays, there is no need to purchase stamps from a collector or post office for your collection. Websites are available that give away free stamps, and even offer a place for stamp collectors to trade their stock with each other. Below you will find steps to get free stamps for your collection.

Decide which stamps you are willing to give away from your collection. Many times, free stamps will involve a trade with another stamp collector. Determining what you are willing to trade will help expedite getting free stamps.

With your computer, log onto websites such as or Click the Stamp Exchange/Trade button. This will give you access to others who are looking to trade and exchange different stamps from their own collections, sometimes internationally.

Also with your computer, check websites such as and for listings of free stamp giveaways and classified ads. You can also list your own stamps on these venues.


International trading sites can give you access to stamps from across the world.


Be wary of scam artists over the Internet. Use trusted sites and know how to identify a counterfeit stamp.

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