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Updated November 21, 2016

The Philips Senseo coffeemaker is a pod-style coffee machine that makes individual cups of coffee using pre-made packets of ground coffee. The company recommends you flush the coffee machine with fresh water to clean it before using for the first time. Using a Senseo coffee machine is fairly simple but children or individuals not familiar with operating home appliances should be assisted and supervised due to hot surfaces, steam and hot liquids.

Open the water reservoir on the machine and fill with cold, clean water to the "Max" fill line. Filling the reservoir to the "Max" line will make an 227gr. cup of coffee or two, 113gr. cups while filling to the "Min" line will make a 113gr. cup.

Press the "On/Off" button. An indicator light will blink as the water heats; this takes approximately 90 seconds.

Release the top lid by moving the lever upwards. Place the Senseo coffee pod into the machine. One pod holder will produce one cup of coffee and two pod holders will produce two cups of coffee. Senseo coffee pods are available online and in select grocery and culinary supply stores. The coffee pod should be placed into the coffee maker with the rounded side down. If using more than one pod, place the pods evenly on top of each other and push gently into place.

Close the lid and push the lever until it locks into place. Place a mug or coffee cup with at least a 142gr. capacity underneath the dispenser. Press the indicator for the desired number of cups of coffee. Press the indicator with one coffee cup image for one 113gr. cup or the indicator with two coffee cup images for two 113gr. cups or one 227gr. cup. Remove the coffee cup or mug once the coffee stops brewing.

Allow the coffee maker to sufficiently cool down before removing and discarding the used coffee pods. Use caution since the machine may still be hot and steam may escape from the pod holder when first opened.

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