How to Make a Grape Crusher Using Simple Machines

Updated March 16, 2017

There are six simple machines, according to levers, wedges, screws, pulleys, inclined planes, and the wheel and axle. When two or more simple machines are combined to perform work, a compound machine is created. You can experiment with compound machines by building one that crushes grapes. Follow the steps in this article to spark your imagination and then try to develop your own grape crusher using simple machines.

Place a metal screen over the top of the funnel. The screen should have holes small enough to trap the mashed grapes and allow the juice from the grapes to seep into the funnel. Secure the metal screen to the funnel with duct tape.

Position the funnel over an empty container (such as an empty milk jug) so that the spout of the funnel is in the empty container. Secure the funnel to the empty container with duct tape.

Place a grape onto the screen. Use the hammer to smash and crush the grape. The hammer is a simple lever; it allows you to create greater force than you would need if you used your own strength. The screen acts like a wedge; when the hammer presses on the grape the holes in the screen help crush the grape. The funnel acts as an inclined plane and easily allows the juice to travel into the empty container.

Things You'll Need

  • Hammer (lever)
  • Metal screen (wedges)
  • Funnel (inclined plane)
  • Duct tape
  • Empty container
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