How to Lower a Jumperoo

Written by charlotte johnson | 13/05/2017
How to Lower a Jumperoo
Jumperoos allow babies to exercise and play. (baby image by Diane Stamatelatos from

A Jumperoo is a product that allows babies to bounce up and down in a suspended seat. Jumperoos help infants who are 11.3 Kilogram or less to build lower body strength and helps improve fine motor coordination as the baby plays with toys mounted to the frame of the Jumperoo. The seat of the Jumperoo should be low enough so that your baby's toes (but not his entire feet) are touching the floor. If your baby cannot touch the floor with her toes, you need to lower the seat.

Turn the Jumperoo upside down.

Pull and twist one of the strap bars (located on the underside of the Jumperoo) to loosen it.

Push some of the strap back through the opening in the underside of the Jumperoo.

Reinsert the strap bar through one of the slots in the strap. The slot that you reinsert the bar into should be closer to the end of the strap than the slot in which the bar was located before in order to lower the seat.

Push the strap bar back into place until it snaps, which indicates that it is locked.

Perform the same process with the other two straps on the underside of the Jumperoo.

Turn the Jumperoo right side up and place the baby in it to check for appropriate height.

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