How to reset the combination on a dial lock

Written by kallie johnson | 13/05/2017
How to reset the combination on a dial lock
A dial combination lock can only be reset if it's a set-your-own type lock. (ballyscanlon/Stockbyte/Getty Images)

A dial lock is a combination padlock which can be unlocked and opened by turning the dial to the correct combination code. Most dial locks are preset with a combination at the factory and that combination cannot be reset or changed. However, a few companies do manufacture "set-your-own combination" locks. The locks come preset with a combination code, but that code can be changed by the user. In order to reset the combination, you will need to have the current combination code for the lock.

Open the dial lock with the current combination. If you do not have the current combination, you will not be able to reset the lock.

Slide the "Reset" lever, located on the backside of the lock, to the "R" position. You will need to push the lever upward with a pointed object, such as a pen.

Insert the shackle into the lock. Once locked, press the shackle downward twice to clear the old or preset combination from the lock.

Lift up on the shackle to remove it from the lock.

Turn the dial knob to set a new combination. Write down the new combination.

Slide the "Reset" lever downward or out of the "R" position.

Insert the shackle into the lock. Press downward to lock the lock.

Things you need

  • Pen

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