How to wrap a bandage on a foot

Updated April 17, 2017

Foot injuries can occur every day as we make our way through our fast-paced lifestyles: rushing up office floors, hustling along sidewalks and trying to beat the queue for a train ticket. You can bandage a strained ankle or foot quite readily by carrying supplies in your purse or another bag. It can help stabilise the injury until you get to a doctor.

Prop up the injured foot about as high as your knee, then slightly bend your leg in an angle for a more comfortable position. Ideally, let the injured patient sit on a table or ledge for a more comfortable leverage. It lessens the pressure on the injured ankle by not bending your body forward.

Position one loose end of the bandage, slightly near the small toe, and hold it place with one hand. With your other hand, loop the bandage around the "top side" of the foot on the direction of the big toe.

Wrap the bandage around the sole and over the dome of the foot. Once you secure the first loop, wrap the bandage in a spiral way upward towards the lower part of the leg just above the ankle. Leave the ankle and heel exposed for mobility and movement.

Wrap the foot twice from the ankle down to the base again if the bandage is long enough. Do this in a downward spiral. In wrapping the bandage, overlap each loop at least 3/4 of the width of the bandage. This gives you just the right amount the ankle support you need.

Secure the end of the bandage with a Velcro lock (if the bandage came with a Velcro feature) or a safety pin.


In wrapping the bandage around the area, the bandage should not be too tight or too lose. Tight bandages could impede the circulation of the blood and losoe wrappings would just be useless. Make sure the bandage applies just a little bit of pressure and support in the injured area.


An injured foot may lead to a more serious more permanent injury. After bandaging an injured foot, consult a specialist or a doctor.

Things You'll Need

  • Bandage
  • Safety pin
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