How to Reset the Ink on a Canon Pixma MP970 Printer

Updated February 21, 2017

When the Canon Pixma MP970 is running low or is out of ink, an error message will appear on the display screen. In order to reset the ink status on the all-in-one printer, you must replace the ink cartridges. This printer uses four different cartridges, as it prints photographs in black and white and in colour. The printer will automatically detect the new cartridges and reset the counter. Make sure the printer is turned on before you replace any ink cartridges.

Open the paper output tray by gripping your fingers under the top of the tray and gently pulling upward.

Lift the printer cover until it stops and won't lift anymore.

Push on the tab of the ink cartridge that needs to be replaced. The ink lamp will be flashing indicating it needs changing. Don't let the ink cartridge touch you as it may leak ink.

Remove the new cartridge from its packaging and remove the orange tape and film from the outside of the new cartridge.

Remove the orange cap from the bottom of the ink cartridge. You can throw away the cap, packaging and any tape.

Place the new cartridge inside the printer. Press down on new cartridge where it says "Push" until it snaps into place. The ink light will stop flashing and turn a solid red when inserted properly.

Close the top of the printer cover. The Canon MP970 will perform a cleaning. This may take a couple of minutes. Once complete, the ink cartridge indicator will automatically reset.


Make sure you install the ink cartridges in the correct colour order. The printer will not print if an ink cartridge is placed in the wrong position. There is a sticker inside the printer near the cartridge area that indicates what colours go where.

Things You'll Need

  • Replacement ink
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