How to Take Care of My Soft Top Convertible

Updated April 17, 2017

A soft top convertible heightens the experience of cruising the neighbourhood on a sunny day. Unfortunately, a ragtop requires a little more care and feeding than an ordinary car. If left untended, a fabric top can rot and grow mould, and a vinyl top will crack and peel. Once rot starts to set in, you can't do much about it aside from replacing the whole top. It takes just a little bit of extra care to keep your soft top looking fresh for years.

Apply a protectant when you first get the car, and then about once every month. Use a vinyl protectant for vinyl tops, and a fabric protectant for fabric tops. Only apply protectant to a clean, dry top.

Wash the car regularly, including the ragtop, just as you normally would. Use a brush and a mild car shampoo approved for the type of top you have. Some shampoos are only good for vinyl tops, some for fabric tops and some for both.

Keep the top up after washing it or after a rainfall until it dries completely. Park the car outside instead of in the garage to help the top dry.

Park your ragtop indoors during the winter if you live in an area where it snows. You probably won't want to drive a convertible in the bitter cold anyway, and the snow and ice won't do your top any good.

Things You'll Need

  • Fabric or vinyl protectant
  • Mild car shampoo
  • Brush
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