How much should it cost to paint a motorcycle?

black motorcycle image by Yuri Bizgaimer from

The ballpark figure for a basic metallic two-stage professional paint job on the tank and fenders of a motorcycle is £325. A three-stage professional paint job runs about £65 more. Custom-painted tank and fender sets start between £812 and £1,690, depending on the design.

Do-It-Yourself Paint Job

Do-it-yourself motorcycle paint jobs can cost less than £65. The main expenses are spray paint, clear coat, wax and grease remover, sand paper and tape. The expense will increase if a paint gun, respirator, goggles and nitril gloves are used.

Bottom Line

The cost of painting a motorcycle can vary from under £65 to more than £650. The least expensive option is a DIY job. The next step up is a professional basic paint job, and the most expensive option is custom paint with flames, lettering or a mural.