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Making a VW Bug into a Convertible

Updated February 21, 2017

Converting your Volkswagen Bug into a convertible isn't an easy task and can look not as good if you do it yourself, compared with having a professional bodyworks garage do it. It can cost you close to a £650 to convert your Bug when you would pay slightly more than the same to have it professionally done.

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Cut Top

Roll the windows down on your VW Bug. Make sure the doors are closed securely. Cover the interior of your car with a protective tarp so the sparks while cutting don't damage the inside of your car. Put on safety goggles and gloves. Use a metal degrinder to cut along the red line as in the picture. You will be cutting the tops of the doors off, an inch above the front windshield and under the back seat window and angling up and cutting directly under the rear window.

Remove Top

With a friend, lift the top off of the VW Bug and set it aside. Grind any rough edges smooth. Purchase a VW Bug vinyl convertible top kit. Glue the rubber seal provided with the kit around the edges you just cut. Drill the specific holes as directed into the rear of the car where the rear window was. Bolt the manual convertible top into place.

New and Old VW Bug

This conversion can be done for both older and newer VW Bugs. One thing to ensure is to buy the correct VW Bug vinyl convertible-top kit (there are ones made for the old model and ones made for the new model).

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