BMW Z4 Hard Top Installation Instructions

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The Z4 is a premier sports car made by the iconic German automaker BMW. The first generation made in 2003 was only available as a roadster with two different engine choices. Second-generation Z4s, first made in 2006, were available in fixed roof and roadster versions. Third-generation Z4s were first introduced in 2010. Many Z4 owners wish to install their own hard top on their roadster models instead of relying on a pricey dealership work order. There is a relatively involved process to install a hard top. However, it is possible with intermediate mechanical skill and some tools.

Have a certified BMW dealer install the retrofit kit on your roadster model. This requires special tools and expertise and should only be completed by a professional.

Lift the hard top with a helper onto the Z4. Be sure to not have the attachments of the hard top scratch the bodywork.

Tighten the two fasteners within the two holes on the front edge of the hard top once it is in place. This will secure the front edge to the windshield

Open the side access trim panels that are under the side windows behind the front seats to expose the locking mechanisms. Using the Allen key tool provided with the hard top, turn the locking mechanism clockwise to tighten and lock the hard top on.

Close all access panels.

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