How to write a thank you card for a wedding gift of cash

Updated February 21, 2017

Writing thank you cards for all your wedding gifts exhibits proper etiquette and demonstrates true appreciation for the gifts you and your partner received. Thank you notes for items that the gift-givers purchased from your gift registry may be easier to write than other notes of appreciation. Writing thank you cards for gifts, such as actual cash, which is always appreciated and useful, may present more of a challenge and require you to choose your words carefully.

Address the gift-giver with a term of endearment that corresponds to your relationship with the person. "Dear Mr. Stevens" is appropriate for a business associate or friend of your parents that you don't know very well. A warmer salutation, such as "Dearest Bob and Jenny" is more suitable for a close friend or relative.

Write your note using words such as "Thank you for the generous gift" rather than writing "Thank you for the cash." Tell the gift-giver what you plan to use the money for, using details as though she actually gave you the gift. For example, "Dan and I have been saving for new bedroom furniture, and your generous gift gave us enough to finally order it."

Close the card with a genuine sentiment and your names. For example, "With love, Sally and Joe." Use the bride's maiden name if the card is sent before the wedding.

Send thank you cards before the wedding if you received the monetary gift early, or as soon as you can when you return home from the honeymoon if you received the gift at or after your wedding.


Write each note as neatly as possible. Do not print or e-mail thank you notes, as that exhibits poor etiquette. Work on writing your thank you cards a few at time to avoid overwhelming yourself. For example, set aside an hour each night to write thank you cards while watching TV or unwinding.

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