How to Remove Heater Hose Clamps

Sooner or later you will find yourself replacing the heater hose in your car. You will need to remove the heater hose clamps to pull the hose off the fittings and away from the engine. Factory heater hose clamps are usually spring clamps that may or may not use a screw. Aftermarket clamps are screw type clamps that tighten and loosen through the use of the screw threads on the clamp band.

Locate the heater hose clamps to see which type of clamps you have on the hoses. Spring clamps will either have no screw and two elongated "ears" or they may have a screw that secures two square top ears. The other type of clamp will be a screw band, where the screw threads the notches on the clamp band.

Grab the hose clamp with a pair of channel lock pliers and twist the clamp so that you can either access the screw head or grab the "ears." You will not have much room to work, but you will be able to adjust the clamp in small increments.

Place the jaws of your channel lock pliers over the two "ears" on either type of spring clamp. Close the jaws of your pliers, which will expand the diameter of the clamp. Slide the clamp down the hose away from the fitting.

Turn the screw counterclockwise with a nut driver if your hose clamp is an aftermarket screw clamp. Once the clamp diameter is large enough, slide the clamp down the hose.

Pull the hose off the fitting and slide the hose clamp away from the hose. Do not reuse spring clamps on the hose. Always use new spring clamps or screw clamps when attaching hoses to your car.

Things You'll Need

  • Channel lock pliers
  • Nut driver
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