How to Add Antifreeze to a Suzuki Burgman 400

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Keeping the antifreeze coolant in your Suzuki Burgman 400 at the proper level is extremely important in helping you maintain a healthy engine temperature. Allowing your coolant to get low can ultimately result in poor running performance, and it can even lead to permanent damage to the engine.

Checking your coolant level often can help prevent problems later in the life of your scooter.

Allow the Suzuki to cool down for 20 to 30 minutes if you've been riding it. The antifreeze reservoir becomes heated and pressurised with use and is not safe to open until the engine cools down.

Locate the coolant cap on the front of the bike under the right handlebar.

Remove the cap by pressing down and turning counterclockwise. The cap should easily slide away from its housing.

Fill the antifreeze reservoir using standard pre-mixed antifreeze. It is important to use pre-mixed antifreeze, as straight antifreeze doesn't provide the cooling needed for the engine to cycle properly. Fill the reservoir to the level that reaches just over the metal saddle.

Replace the coolant cap by matching the side tabs on the cap with the notches on the housing assembly. Press the cap down and turn it clockwise to secure it.