How to find french telephone numbers

Updated November 21, 2016

Thanks to the Internet, it is possible for any individual to look up and find French telephone numbers on the web. All telephone numbers in France are 10 digits, starting with zero. The zero is not dialled when calling France from another country. There are several sites that allow you to search for free, or you can choose a site that requires a fee to retrieve the information. You do have to know the person's name and have some idea of where they live to search for the telephone number.

Log on to the Internet, and search for a site that includes a search option for French telephone numbers, or click on your favourites or bookmarks if you already have a site saved. Remember that most business numbers will be found in the yellow pages, and occasionally the white pages, but residential numbers are listed only in white pages. The site, has links to both French yellow and white pages. is also useful when looking for telephone numbers in France, as is

Enter as much information as you already know into the search box and click the submit button, or other appropriate button to start the search. You may also press "Enter" on your keyboard to begin searching.

Review the results that are returned after the search is complete. Look for matching names in the appropriate town or city. Consider that unlisted French telephone numbers will not be listed on free search sites, and cell phone numbers will only be available if the search includes that option. Sites such as,, and include cell phone or mobile phone number directories.

Dial 00 to speak with the international operator if you cannot look up the number yourself. After the operator has retrieved the information, she will dial the number for you, for a fee, or you may write down the information, hang up, and dial yourself. Remember to include the country code for France, 33, when you dial. The international operator will not be able to provide the listing if the French telephone number you are looking for is unlisted.


There is a significant time difference between the United States and France. Plan your calls accordingly.

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