How to Fix a "Canon IP 1700 Ink Absorber Is Full" Message

Updated April 17, 2017

The Canon IP1700 is a colour ink jet printer designed to print high-quality photos and documents. The printer's ink absorber soaks excess ink that leaks during printing and cleaning. The Canon IP1700 calculates the amount of ink absorbed based on the number and type of pages printed. When the printer calculates the ink absorber is full, it displays an error message that halts printing.

Press the printer's "Resume/Cancel" button when the error message appears. This should clear the message temporarily and allow you to resume normal printing.

Turn off the printer if Step 1 did not clear the message.

Disconnect the printer from the computer, typically a USB cable.

Unplug the printer from the wall electrical socket for 10 minutes, then plug it back in. Reconnect the cable between the printer and the computer.

Turn on the printer. Your sensor settings will reset, which should eliminate the error message.


The printer gives you an error message before the ink absorbers are completely full. However, they will eventually need to be changed or they could overflow. Although you can order the ink absorbers from Canon's part centre at 732-521-7230 and change them yourself, this voids the warranty with Canon. If you choose to change the absorbers yourself, ask Canon for the reset code for your printer's ink counter to ensure the error message will not continue appearing.

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