How to Convert Solaris to a VMware Guest

Updated July 20, 2017

The VMware vCenter Converter can convert the following formats into a virtual machine: other virtual machine formats, third-party clones, such as Ghost, and physical machines. vCenter Converter includes cloning software to convert a physical machine into a virtual machine. The source machine is cloned and sent over the network to the VMware server or workstation. Supported systems can be hot-cloned, which means they can be cloned while the source system is running. Unsupported systems such as Solaris can be cloned using a boot CD. The boot CD clones the drive and sends it across the network.

Download the VMware Converter ZIP file from your VMware account page.

Unzip the ZIP file and burn the "Cold clone.iso" image to a CD.

Insert the "Cold clone" CD and restart the Solaris computer.

Click "Import Machine" after the system starts.

Click the "Import all disks and maintain size" option.

Click "Solaris" in the operating system drop-down menu.

Enter the destination VMware server or workstation for the virtual machine.

Enter a name and location for the virtual machine on the destination server. The Solaris system will be cloned and transmitted across the network. The virtual machine will be available after the procedure is finished. The source system is unaffected.


VMware only supports the x86 version of Solaris; you can't convert a Sun Sparc version of Solaris. To migrate Solaris Sparc data to a new Solaris virtual machine, consult the system documentation.

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