How to Replace a Braun 7680 Battery

Updated November 21, 2016

The Braun Syncro 7680 is an electronic shaver for men that comes with a self-cleaning base that charges the shaver while cleaning it on a daily basis. The battery in the Braun Syncro is recharged every time the shaver is placed inside the automatic cleaning base, but eventually the battery may need to be replaced. New batteries for the Braun shaver can be purchased at most grocery stores, chemists or hardware stores, and changing the battery is a relatively simple process.

Unplug the shaver from the electrical cord and turn the shaver off.

Turn the shaver over and press down on the battery compartment door. Slide the access door down and off the shaver.

Lift out the used lithium battery. Use the old battery as a guide to purchase a new battery.

Set the new battery into the battery compartment, lining up the raised edge of the battery with the flat side of the battery compartment.

Slide the battery compartment door back on the shaver until it clicks into place.

Set the shaver back into the self-cleaning unit, or plug the electrical cord into the base of the shaver and connect it to a power outlet to charge the battery.

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