How to Send My Text to an Email

Updated April 17, 2017

Not only can you send a text message to another cell phone, you can also send text messages to an e-mail address. Though not as common, sending a text to an e-mail address is just as simple as sending a text message to another cell phone. Instead of entering a cell phone number in the message recipient box, you simply enter an e-mail address. That's it. In addition, the reverse operation is also possible. You can also send a text message to cell phone using an e-mail account.

Turn on the cell phone.

Open the cell phone's "New Message" text message box.

Compose the text message.

Select "Send To."

Enter the recipient's e-mail address. If the cell phone you're using prevents you from entering letter characters when entering the recipient information, select the recipient you want to send the message to from the cell phone's "Contact List." This option is usually available by selecting "Options" in the recipient information window. You'll be given the opportunity to choose which contact reference you would like to send the message to. For instance, a specific phone number or an e-mail address. Select the person's e-mail address.

Select "Send" to send the message.

Log in to your e-mail account.

Compose a short message.

Enter the 10 digit cell phone number you want to send the text message to in the "To" box, followed immediately by appropriate SMS gateway for the recipient's cell phone carrier:


AT&T (formerly Cingular):

Bell South:

Boost Mobile:

Sprint Nextel: OR


US Cellular:


Virgin Mobile USA:

For example,

Click "Send" to send the message to the person's cell phone.


If you're not sure who is the person's cell phone carrier, you can look up the cell carrier by the cell phone number's prefix. Go to the White Pages "Phone Number Browsing" Web page. In the "US Area Code" section of the page, click on the "hundreds" group the cell phone area code belongs to. Click on the cell phone area code. Scroll through the list until you find the cell phone number's telephone prefix. Listed next to the prefix is the carrier the prefix is assigned to.


Using the White Pages "Phone Number Browsing" Web page to look up the carrier of a cell phone number is not a fool proof method of determining a person's cell phone carrier. As federal law now allows wireless customer's to change cell phone providers while keeping their cell phone number from a previous provider.

Things You'll Need

  • E-mail account
  • Cell phone
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