Instructions for the Shark Steam Pocket Mop

Updated May 18, 2018

Shark manufactures the Steam Pocket Mop for cleaning floors with pure water. The steaming action cleans floors naturally without the need for harsh cleaners that can irritate allergies. It removes mould and mildew from surfaces without the need for expensive cleaners. The glider attachment allows the mop to traverse carpet to freshen it.

Insert the mop handle into the tube that leads to the water tank. Press them together to attach the handle. There is an audible click when they attach.

Place the left side of a mop pad onto the mop head in the same shape. Slide the right side of the pad onto the head while pulling the loop over the head to hold it in place.

Set the mop head on the floor. Press the mop onto the head. There is an audible click when it attaches.

Lay the mop on a flat surface with the front pointing up. Unscrew the water tank lid counterclockwise. Pour water into the filling flask until it's slightly less than full.

Sweep or vacuum the floor. Plug the Shark mop into an electrical socket. The light turns blue in about 30 seconds when the mop is ready to use.

Pump the mop handle up and down about 12 inches to produce steam. Mop in a forward and backward motion starting at one corner of a room and working across to the other.

Assemble the mop handle and fill the water reservoir with water as in mopping.

Press the release button on the handle to remove the triangle mop head. Place a rectangular pad on the rectangular head and set it on the floor. Snap the mop onto the head.

Place the carpet glider on the edge of a carpeted area. Set the mop on the carpet glider and mop in a forward and back motion to freshen the carpet.


When one side of the mop pad is dirty, flip the head over to use the second side. The natural forward and back motion produces steam to clean the floors.


The mop does not attach to the carpet glider, but rests on it. Do not lift the mop while using the glider, or the mop will pull out of it.

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