How do I Change the Front Side Marker Lamp in a Mercedes C230 Compressor?

Updated February 21, 2017

Changing the side marker lamp on a Mercecdes C-Class vehicle can be done in a few minutes with no tools. The job entails removing the assembly located next to the headlamp that contains the turn signal, parking light and side marker and then changing the bulb. Bulbs are easily available at auto parts stores.

Open the bonnet of the vehicle. Locate the sidelamp light assembly latch between the sidelamp assembly and the main headlight compartment. It is located halfway down from the top of the assembly. Depress the latch and lift the sidelamp light assembly out to the front of the vehicle.

Twist the bulb socket located on the back of the sidelamp light assembly in a counterclockwise direction and gently pull it out of the assembly.

Remove the side marker bulb by pushing it into the socket and turning it counterclockwise. Insert the new bulb by pushing it into the socket and twisting it clockwise.

Place the bulb socket back into the assembly. Reinstall the lamp assembly by sliding the guides located at the top and bottom of the assembly near the front headlamp into the tabs. Make sure it is secured and sealed before closing the hood.

Things You'll Need

  • Side marker replacement bulb
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