How to Change a Konica Minolta 2550 Cartridge

Knowing how to change the toner cartridge in your Konica Minolta Magicolor 2550 is one of the best ways to ensure your printer keeps operating efficiently. As with many copier and printer manufacturers, replacing the toner cartridge is considered a user replaceable component of the machine. This means even an inexperienced technical person can install one of these components with ease.

Check the message window to see which colour of toner is empty. Press the "Menu Select" button on the control panel until the display reads "Print Menu." Press the "Right Arrow" button on the control panel until you reach "Quality Menu." Press the "Menu Select" button on the control panel until the display reads "Replace Toner." Press the "Down Arrow" until you reach the colour that needs to be replaced. Press the "Menu Select" button and the display will read "Please Wait" and then it'll read "Open door and replace the coloured toner you need to replace."

Use the lever on the top of the printer to release the top cover. Lift the top cover open. Lower the front cover down to view the toner cartridge. Verify that the correct colour cartridge was rotated to the front for replacement. You can check this by looking at the colour and letter on the handle of the toner cartridge. Pull the handle of the toner cartridge up and out towards you to remove the toner cartridge.

Shake your toner cartridge a few times to remove any clumps of toner inside the cartridge. Use the tab to pop off the toner roller cover. Align the shaft on each end of the toner cartridge to the guides in the printer, and then slide it in until it snaps into place.

Close the front cover. Close the top cover. Give the printer two to three minutes to calibrate the new cartridge.

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