How to Replace the Tail Light on a Volvo V70

Written by brandon miles | 13/05/2017
How to Replace the Tail Light on a Volvo V70
Replacing the taillights of a V70 is easy. (volvo xc 70 image by Harald Soehngen from

Auto maintenance costs can add up quickly, so it makes sense to do small maintenance tasks yourself. Luckily, replacing the taillights of your Volvo V70 can be done easily, with no extra tools. Within a few minutes, you can save yourself the steep costs of taking your automobile into the shop or any tickets you may get for having a tail light out.

Locate the light panel inside the rear cargo area of your car, on the door on the back of your V70.

Open the panel and remove the fabric insulation by pulling it straight out.

Remove the entire bulb unit by turning its handle counterclockwise.

Remove the old bulb by pulling it straight out from the bulb unit.

Replace a new bulb in the bulb unit, and reassemble the light unit by following the previous instructions in reverse.

Things you need

  • Replacement bulb

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