Is it Safe to Burn Duraflame Firelogs in Wood Stoves?

Updated February 21, 2017

Regular Duraflame firelogs are popular firewood substitutes burnt in many varieties of open-hearth fireplaces. They cannot be safely burnt in wood stoves based on their tendency to fall apart and flare up during the burning process.

Duraflame Stax

In October 2010, Duraflame introduced a product called Stax. Unlike the original Duraflame logs, Stax logs can be safely burnt in wood stoves. The logs, which burn like real wood, are harder than regular Duraflame logs and do not disintegrate or flare up like the original logs.

Arranging the Logs

Open the wood stove's air intake valves wide or set the controls to a high burn level. Criss-cross two Stax logs inside the stove without removing the paper wrappers. Arrange the logs with the arrows on the packaging facing downward and the paper seams facing the stove door.

Starting The Fire

Light the logs at the arrow markings, close the stove door and lower the controls to medium. Adjust the settings or air vents to control the burn rate. Add more logs as necessary to maintain desired heat levels.

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