How to Make Your Own Woodchips for Smoking

wood chips image by robert mobley from

You can purchase woodchips for your smoker or you can make your own with suitable, available wood. This can be wood from a downed or dead tree in your yard, or wood you purchase as firewood from the local convenience store.

Either way, making your own woodchips for smoking will take very little time and will save you money.

Place a piece of firewood upright on a hard surface. This can be a tree stump, asphalt driveway or concrete garage floor.

Hold the axe in one hand and the upright wood with the other hand.

Lift the axe and carefully begin to cut chips from the firewood. Start at the point farthest away from your hand.

Continue to chip away at the firewood piece until it becomes too small to hold.

Lay the remaining firewood piece on its side and chop the wood into small chips.